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Linda Klein Biography

Linda Klein, a nature-loving artist hailing from the Bay Area, California, embarks on a soulful journey that harmonizes realism and abstract expression. Unveiling her artistic flair in preschool, Linda's earliest creative adventures prompted her parents to enroll her in local art classes—a bid to save their home from toddler graffiti and nurture her burgeoning talent.

Nestled in the wild beauty of West Marin since 2009, Linda draws inspiration from her surroundings. Her artistic evolution mirrors the diverse landscapes she calls home—ranging from detailed graphite drawings to vibrant, ecologically themed pieces infused with recycled collage elements. Linda's unique process involves mounting watercolor paper onto handcrafted wood panels which are often created by her equally talented woodworking husband. This technique imposes a modern eco-conscious approach that bypasses traditional framing.

Linda's art is a personal reflection, resonating with the rhythms of nature. With an unwavering commitment to continuing her creative education and a dance between documentation and new realities, Linda Klein's journey is a deeply personal ode to the beauty of our planet.

Art Studio tours are offered daily in the artist's San Anselmo, California home.
Contact Linda Klein to set up a personalized tour in her light and roomy space, rain or shine.


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