Linda Klein Biography

Linda Klein is a rapidly emerging California, Bay Area Artist who describes her herself as being on a creative journey to discover the balance and harmony between realism and abstract. Born in Niles Michigan, her ability to draw was discovered by her parents and teachers as early as preschool. Hence, her exploration in the Arts began with the support of her parents, as a child drawing and painting with whatever materials were available, and taking local art classes after school and during the summers. 

Today, her primary source of inspiration for her richly diverse subject matter comes from her current surroundings in the wild and beautiful settings of West Marin where she has resided for the past 9 years. 

Klein's style varies greatly depending on which Series (or Collection) she is working on. Characterized by either tonal colors and detailed graphite drawings, or bright splashes of pigment in rhythmic shapes, enhanced with collage, her work travels a broad spectrum of application and presentation.

The scope of Linda Klein's work presents two main fields of study combining multiple mediums: 

A large body of her work consists of detailed pencil drawings and portraits characterized by her measuring lines or 'tick marks'. She often uses watercolors and charcoal powders along with the graphite to enhance tonal qualities and add greater depth.

The other portion of her work embodies several series, such as 'Splintered Wisdom' and 'Indigenous Transparency', focusing more on lively colors and ecology, combining loose brushes of watercolor with added texture from collaged bits of images of litter and bark that she cleans up off of her adopted section of California scenic highways. Additionally, these collages sometimes contain her nature photography work woven into the composition. These paintings rejoice in nature and provide a gentle reminder to be better stewards of our planet, along with action towards cleaning it up. 

Uniquely, while graphite and watercolor work is traditionally done on paper requiring expensive framing and issues with glare from glass and plexiglass, Linda mounts all her artwork on archival varnished wood panels. This provides a more contemporary allure and a ready to hang piece where glass does not create a barrier between the viewer and the art. 

Klein has exhibited her artwork in group exhibitions throughout the Bay Area including the Marin MOCA - National Juried Exhibit featuring Juror Catharine Clark, Director/Owner of Catharine Clark Gallery and more recently at the Seager Gray Gallery in Mill Valley/San Francisco, CA. She has studied at multiple California Colleges and more currently, private lessons with San Francisco Academy of the Arts Instructor, John McCormick.

Linda Klein’s efforts continue to be about education, observation and learning from other Artists she admires. She is discovering a harmonious dance between documentation and creating a new reality with an even greater intensity.

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